When The Recruiter Doesn’t Understand The Job

A posting on craigslist in the Software Jobs section:

Working in manufacturing, working in software, who cares as long as I get a warm body?
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This is a quality assurance for manufacturing, not software quality assurance, but one wonders if the recruiter knows the difference or cares as long as he or she gets a warm body and the percentage off the top.  Manufacturing quality deals mostly with established processes and procedures designed to help manufacturing large numbers of the same things day in and day out.  SQA, as you know, deals with a single SNAFU evolving over a long period of time using unproven technologies wielded by hubris-riven kids out of a four year program in learning Visual Basic.

Some of the skills can transfer over in the abstract, I’m sure, but I canceled my ASQ membership because it was so manufacturing and pharmaceutical intense and I did not get much insight I could apply to SQA except maybe some terminiology to impress my boss and to throw around statistically-based meetings, if I cared to throw them.

To do an SQA job effectively, you’ve got to be rat-mean and weasel-devious to figure out how to go outside the lines that the business analysts and developers have drawn.  You’ve got to suss out crazy alternative workflows and incomplete paths and intermediate states to try to grab as many of a practically infinite number of points of failure.  It’s a little different from looking at a graph and thinking, “Hmm, maybe we should lubricate the punch press every 16 hours.”

Also, when contacting the recruiter, remember not to call their contractors “Kelly Girls.”  That violates their trademark, which instead of being violated is mostly forgotten in the 21st century.  Way to protect a trademark!

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