Answering Your Own Question on

Apparently, the user has answered his own question on

Spelling and grammer only vital to comprehension, respect for writer.

The question posed with 6 problems of spelling and grammar, 0 answers.

The question, posed with 2 remaining spelling or grammar problem, 45 answers and counting.

Bonus to the commenter who tells me what still is wrong with the question.

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  1. mandersn Says:

    I believe that the question should be:
    Spelling and grammar, are they vital?

  2. The Director Says:


    Although one could make the case that “Spelling and Grammar” are a single concept, much like in the sentence Salt’n’Pepa is the greatest hip-hop band of all time, and “Push It” describes my meeting contribution philosophy. But most people probably don’t understand the concept of the notional agreement, nor do they remember Salt’n’Pepa.

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