Chasing a Floating Advertisement

That’s an advertisement that’s too interactive.  Running on, it asked me to subscribe or donate by overlaying the content.  I always enjoy FatBoy, BadBoy, StupidBoy, and all the ads that actually intrude on my Web site using experience, but this one was one of the special ones:

See that close button?  Ha!  That's the point!
Click for full size

The close button lies just outside the visible browser window.  You can scroll down in the browser window and see the close button briefly before the advertisement adjusts and hides the close button.

The advertisement doesn’t take into account lower resolutions, so it’s setting the ad at a set number of pixels from the top and right side.  Which doesn’t make much sense.

You see this a lot in sidebars, too, attached to right sides of browser windows that will then float over the content when the window is too small.

Jeez, Louise, don’t forget to test the browser in windowed mode and at lower resolutions, or you get annoying things like this.

Aw, who am I kidding; you do, and then you log it, and then they say, “Nobody but QA does that,” and ignore it because somebody brought in a Wii and hooked it up in the conference room.  What developer in his developer mind would rather fix an issue than box against his team lead on a projected screen?

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