Let’s Play Count The Flaws

One of the overlooked and under QAed piece of any application, even one so fundamentally unQAed as the recent aborted attempt at an upgrade at SiteMeter, is the e-mails generated by the applications automatically.  If you’re testing an e-mail campaign with a full design process, you have professionals designing the thing and hopefully a formal spot in the timeline for QA review.  With automated e-mails, you have “Joe” in Bangalore giving it his best shot.

How many problems can you find with this password reset e-mail from SiteMeter?

Let's just say this e-mail isn't Scottish.
Click for full size

Let’s make a game of it.  I’ve put the problems I spotted underneath the fold.

  1. Broken image at top.
  2. Alt text for image at top is capitalized wrong.
  3. Missing zero padding on time.  Should be 9:09:55 at the very least.
  4. Missing the mail-merged user name.
  5. Request is misspelled.
  6. Adding a space after the password and before the period is a bad idea; if a user double-clicks to highlight the password to copy it, the user will grab that space, too, which could render the password ineffective.
  7. Support Questions should have a question mark behind it or be on a new line.
  8. Support questions text refers to a new account, which might not necessarily be the case.

I mean, aside from not loading, not working with Firefox, being too complicated, and dynamically generating URLs with spaces in them coupled with a user base that rebelled and performance problems compelling a rollback, I’d guess that the SiteMeter upgrade enjoyed about as much success as one could expect when they threw it up, and I mean vomited it to production, without Quality Assurance at all.

No Responses to “Let’s Play Count The Flaws”

  1. strazzerj Says:

    Hey, Bangalore or no…
    don’t diss the “Joe”!

  2. The Director Says:

    You’re not playing the game right, nonBangalore Joe.

    How many of the issues did you spot? How many did you spot that I missed?

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