That’s One Illusive Captcha

I didn’t mean to go looking for this much trouble.  I mean, I was looking at the Web site for KMOV, a local television station, for a specific flaw for a longer post (forthcoming), and instead I find a host of others.

For starters, the blogs maintained by the station personnel do not reside on the domain for KMOV; instead, they’re on  If you go to the root there, you see that it displays a pseudo page for WCNC in North Carolina:

That's not KMOV.  It's probably not WCNC, either.
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Ah, never mind that.  So I look more closely at a blog entry, and I notice the comment form has a text box for a CAPTCHA that doesn’t display at all:

Can't captcha a mastermind.
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Finally, I click the Submit button to see if the form actually does require a captcha. The results: stunning.

You know, you cannot find that dev environment from here.
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It’s a 404, but look closely: It’s looking for something on  That is, the form appears to point to the development environment, not the production environment.

Can’t anyone here play this game?  Probably not, if you’re the blog hosting experts at Living Dot.

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  1. gimlet Says:

    I particularly enjoy the fact that the dev instance appears to be accessible from the Internet. Wonder if it’s developer’s desktop system?

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