Counting The Errors From My Inbox

I took a couple of hours and cleaned out the newsletters and whatnot from my inbox.  They’d accumulated for some time, which explains why this blog was almost filled with product announcements trumpeting the advances of the 8088 chip and what that would do for testing.

As you know, I hold a particular disdain for magazine/newspaper/Web periodical site quality.  If you want to know why, here’s a list of the errors I encountered while reading some of the articles from a month and a half’s worth of newsletters and whitepaper come-ons.

On a large number of ComputerWorld’s Shark Bait pages, ord is undefined.

Poor ord, undefined
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I’d help, but I don’t have a punchline handy.

On another article on ComputerWorld, I got an operation aborted error:

Operation aborted
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Given that this also opened Microsoft Excel which tried to run a Web query, I think I’d better run full security checks on my system now.

Another ComputerWorld article, another JavaScript error:

Null is null, I want my tracker full.
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The SDTimes has its share of problems, too.  Here’s an unterminated string constant coming into its resources login page, where one goes to log in before preceding to a whitepaper or whatnot:

Unterminated string constant, redux
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Did I say an?  I meant up to fourteen unterminated string constants.  Given how I run through these e-mails, opening multiple links from multiple e-mails so they load in the browser (and skip the pre-story ad page) while I run through the e-mails, I had a lot of clicking to do when I changed over to the browser.

SDTimes sent out a special e-mail telling me I could go directly to some whitepapers without signing in.  Too good to be true?  Apparently.

A rather bland custom error page
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Not only is it an error page I got clicking through the links in the e-mail, but it’s a custom error page that’s not very custom at all.  I hope they didn’t spot their designers forty hours to build that.

Finally, IDG Connect allowed me to get whitepapers, but not before IE blocked the automatic download start:

Protected from download
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It does have an alternative mechanism (the link) for the download, but geez Luis, if standard browser security mechanisms thwart your business logic, your business logic is wrong.

I can almost, sort of, understand (but not forgive) consumer periodicals and Web sites when they screw up, but these are technical pages designed for technical users.

Oh, wait, designed by developers and for developers and stake holders whom developers have convinced little, annoying, omnipresent defects are no big deal.  I guess I can sort of understand this, too.

But never forgive.

GFQAD. (God forgives, QA doesn’t.)


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