How To Make Your Product Update Look Suspicious, Courtesy of Corel

Step 1: Have an unnamed Product Update screen display by the system tray on product startup:

Something's calling for you

Given how long the newer version I have (Paint Shop Pro Photo X2) takes to load, I often click its icon and then go back about my business so it can show its splash screen for 30 seconds while I work in an active application.

Step 2: When I click for More information, show me yet another screen that doesn’t tell me any information.

Something's downloading
Click for full size

Well, what can it hurt? By this time I’ve figured it’s probably PSP since I can sometimes get to this screen and sometimes I can get to PSP. So I start the download, hoping I’m not getting Weatherbug 2009.

But here’s the thing: in the middle of the download, I decided to lament to it to you guys, and I clicked Cancel to stop it so I could get those lovely screenshots for you. The Updater dispelled the progress bar window, but it left Paint Shop Pro in a modal form so I could not actually get to it. I had to kill it from the taskbar.

Eventuallly, though, after I mucked around with those things enough, I got to the installer, and it finally, finally identified the product:

Progress or congress
Click for full size


Corel should have branded each and every of the preceding screens, but for some reason did not. Poor form, Peter. Now, maybe some day they can un-screw-up a great product that they had to tart up and, more inanely, change keyboard shortcuts that had been part of the product for a freakin’ decade. Yeah, when I get wed to a product, I get wed to a product and its custom shortcuts.

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