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You know how I always say, Suppress your Adobe Flash Player Context Menu?  It’s because it will sometimes helpfully conceal flaws within your Flash application’s logic, such as the one found on The Spanish Quarter’s Web site.

Because, you see, if you have a page inside the site exposed (that is, one of the scroll up Flash detail things associated with the menu items), you can expose the complete Flash context menu:

The dreaded context menu
Click for full size

Notice that this particular bit of Flash is set to Loop.  What happens if you select Play?

Whomp!  There it is, the loading screen anyway
Click for full size

Or, if you time it just right, the home panel overlays the content:

Whomp! There it is, the home panel
Click for full size

You prevent that from occurring just by hiding the default context menu!

Granted, that won’t solve/mask all of your problems, such as a spare menu item that doesn’t animate itself off-screen when you click it (such as About the Wine, hear inappropriately displaying when the user mouses over the Downloads menu item after the user closes the About the Wine panel):

Whomp!  There it is, the menu item that should have disappeared
Click for full size

But, jeez, you Flash designers who don’t bother testing, hiding the context menu is a start.

I know, you’re saying, gee, Mr. Director, how hard is it to find these things?  Are you spending hours doing it or what?  No, I spent like 20 minutes playing with the site and taking the screenshots, laddies.  Because I can suss out the expected behavior (or, for my British readers, the behaviour) and I can pay attention.  My ungentle readers, most Flash designers and “developers” cannot even bother (or, for my British readers, botheur) to do that.

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