That’s What Friendlies Are For

If you’re working at an interactive agency that does e-mail campaigns or even if you’re working on an application that sends e-mails, you’d better make sure you get to look at those e-mails before the public does.


Funny you should ask.

To keep something like this from showing up in my e-mail box:

That's a different sort of tag, unsupported by Web browsers
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Also, maybe one should have tested at the e-mail vendor to make sure that the links that were properly formed actually went somewhere:

 This is getting us nowhere
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As you can see, the problem occurs at the e-mail vendor site, not on the target Web site.

If QA had looked at this, they might have seen it.

Below the fold, another e-mail sending lesson.

Text e-mails should not have extended characters in them, such as smart apostrophes:

Not so smart apostrophe
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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  No smart quotes, apostrophes, ellipses, and so on and so forth.  Microsoft Word swaps them in for you as you type, and if you cut and paste without looking, you could see yourself here.

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