A Quality Children’s Book?

An ASQ mailing I just received:

A childrens book pitched by ASQ
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 It’s not a children’s book preparing a child for a life of quality assurance.  It’s a children’s book about learning.

You know what makes a good children’s book for preparing children for a life in QA?  Grimm’s Fairy Tales, particularly the one where the children really do get eaten at the end of the story.  Or a good primer on Norse mythology, where the good guys lose in the end anyway.

What do you think would make a good children’s book for QAlings?

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  1. MicheleSmith Says:

    I think any book can be great for QAlings, it just depends on what you are trying to get them to “think” about while you are reading. Sometimes I will randomly ask my five-year-old questions like, “How many a’s are in this sentence?” Or “Where is the such-and-such in this picture?”

    Though, you may be right about Grimm’s Fairy Tales. That is what I read as soon as I could read on my own… over and over again. Now, I work in QA.

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