Displaying The Wrong Error Message Worse Than None At All

You know what’s worse than displaying a cryptic, inscrutable error code or number when something goes wrong on your Web application?  Showing the wrong error message.

For example, if you go to Gender Analyzer and enter the domain name for this blog (http://www.qahatesyou.com), the application displays an error that says the Web application does not handle sites not written in English:

Perhaps they're making a point that I speak American.
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Perhaps they’re making a point that I speak American, not real English.  However, I suspect instead the application cannot handle the redirect and cannot think of any way to tell me that.

Guys and women in QA, you’re supposed to be triggering every possible error condition and screwball situation you can.  You ought to see these error messages, and by gosh, by golly, you should make sure that your developers think of some constructive response to the user when they happen.

And just for the record, when presented with the complete URL of the blog (http://www.qahatesyou.com/wordpress), the Gender Analyzer suspected with 89% certainty that I am a bloke. Which I am.


No Responses to “Displaying The Wrong Error Message Worse Than None At All”

  1. blrincker Says:


    I Totally thought you were a hot chick!

  2. The Director Says:

    Well, I am not above putting on a wig and some lipstick from time to time to make a fool of Elmer Devv.

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