Outsourcing Practices, Redux

Count how many of the Seven Sins of Offshore Outsourcing your company is actively committing.

If yours is like many organizations, it’s eight or more.

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  1. blrincker Says:

    Mr. Director – I agree with this article – although let’s acknowledge that offshoring can be done effectively. The key, of course, is an onshore developer who can manage the offshore guys/gals.

    It’s not always a sure thing, of course, but used effectively. I’d maintain that you can save a lot… maybe 50%? best case? by offshoring.

    Please tell me if you disagree- I’ve never known your stance on offshoring dev work. At the same time I’m not sure you’ve know the financials. Let’s just assume the offshore bill rate is 20% of the onshore. In other words, 5 offshore = 1 onshore.

    Is it cost effective?

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