Priceless Could Mean Cheap, I Suppose

I love Peyton Manning as a spokesperson, and MasterCard has taken an excellent tone with his new line of Suite Talk advertisements, where hotel employees in cities where Manning has come to play football (American football, not soccer) use idiomatic insults and putdowns and Manning responds directly to the language, not to the put down (example, a bellhop says, “You’re going down,” and Manning, standing outside an elevator, responds “Fourth floor.”)

Too bad MasterCard didn’t spend enough on the Web site tied into the commercials.

For starters, it takes a minute or more to load on Sundays, when the American television waves (or particles, or whatever comes through the digital pipes these days) carry the commercials during every football game:

Television campaign: Millions of dollars.  Internet tie-in: One hundred thousand dollars.  Making your fans wait or go elsewhere: Pound foolish.
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If you’re lucky enough to get the page on a Sunday, you get the wrapper, but not the Flash portion:

Who can set a price on good Web hosting?
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So I took a look on Monday, when hundreds of thousands of American males were not trying to get to the site.  And it loaded, but that doesn’t mean I could use it.

It’s petty of me to wonder what the phantom tab stops are within the Flash application.  After each visible form text box, there’s some sort of control that displays just as a line when highlighted:

That's not a tab stop, it's a tab REST.  Because moving focus is HARD!
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However, I will give it a critical failure because the form contains text boxes out of the visible area with no scrolling mechanism to display them to me:

Those other edit boxes are hidden as a security best practice.
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By the time the commercials become stale and ineffective, perhaps the Web site will work.

But, jeez, doesn’t anyone at MasterCard’s agency test these things?

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