Testing Is Not The Problem

A facile, misleading headline from ComputerWorld: Testing glitches delay launch of NASA’s $2B Mars super rover:

 Testing and hardware problems are pushing back the launch of NASA’s $2.3 billion Mars super rover from next fall to 2011, the space agency announced today.

Doug McCuistion, director of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, said during a press conference this afternoon that the program has been held up by problems with both the hardware and the extensive testing needed to send a robotic machine to work on Mars. He noted that the issues might end up only delaying them for a matter of weeks, but even that small amount of time would push them past the window for a 2009 or 2010 launch.

No, sir, testing is not the problem.  Issues uncovered by testing and project plans that didn’t allow for adequate time to fix the issues uncovered by the testing is the problem.

But that’s just how management and the marketing team would like to spin it.  It’s not our rockstars in development and design.  It’s those meddling kids in QA causing the problems.

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  1. pberry Says:

    You’re quite right to flag this up. Negative spin on testing as usual 🙂

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