10,000 Testers Apparently 1 Short

I see this all the time with my Windows Live!!!! account. The inbox menu item on the left has shows how many unread messages you have; through the use of the <title> attribute, this value will display when you mouse over the menu item, too.


If you’re in an email message and then you delete the e-mail message, another will display. In this case, Hotmail will update the visible number, but the number in the title attribute will not update:

The title attribute is apparently holding on to that deleted message
Click for full size

As you might know, I favor a methodical approach to testing all elements on a page, including alt text, title text, and whatnot. However, this can be cost-prohibitive on large, complicated applications, and you probably cannot include it at the end of all test cases in the test suite. But, for Pete’s sake, check the dynamic portions of the page every time, okay?

I see this every time I use the application, and it drives me knuts. That is, it makes me angry as a formerly cute polar bear cub.

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  1. DarkStar Says:

    You’re a member of ClubRum too??

  2. The Director Says:

    And ClubBourbon, ClubScotch, and ClubMD20/20.

    Anything to get through another day of QA.

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