An Acronym Begging For Use In Meetings

CBA, short for can’t be arsed.

British readers know that this means can’t be bothered, and it’s unclear whether its use in a professional setting would raise eyebrows based on the inclusion of the word arse. However, there’s enough residual Anglophilia in America that you’ll not only get away with it, but score style points from those hipsters who prefer to watch an hour and a half of men kicking a little soccer ball in the middle of a field that’s a nautical mile long instead of honest, hardworking running behind the fullback and getting tackled.

Bonus style points if you can make it sound like an affirmative military-ish acronym or slang, like five by five, and use it as a response to a request in a meeting.

Project Manager: I need your team to do a comprehensive regression test on the whole Web site in the stage environment before lunch.

The Director: (nodding) CBA.

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