Low Hanging Fruit Just As Sweet

Joe Strazzere sends an e-mail:

I happened to come across this site, saw the obvious bug, and thought of you.
Aren’t you honored?  😉

Check out:

Look at the rolling banner images at the top.  One (http://www.123employee.com/media/disp_img01.gif) is “missing”.

Perhaps they simply outsourced the testing?

Even though Mr. Strazzere often errantly favors poor sports teams, he’s right about this:

How do you say
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Jeez, Joe, did you stop there?  Put your back into it!

What about the JavaScript error on the menu items at top?

How do you say
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Or the current articles in the sidebar overrunning the template?

How do you say
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Or broken images and mistmatched fonts on other pages?

How do you say that in Igorot?  Is that a real language, or just developerspeak?
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Or how about that Webcam/Live View that’s sort of not live?

How do you say
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No, I don’t think they outsourced their QA; I think they probably paid $897 for a Web presence and got what they paid for.

I think Joe’s just shining me on about my predilection for finding the obvious flaws with Web sites and applications, but here’s my query for you, gentle reader: excepting the failed Web cam, the other issues he and I found are probably only low level issues.  But would you do business with a company that has this many simple issues on its Web site?

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  1. strazzerj Says:

    “Jeez, Joe, did you stop there? Put your back into it!”

    Yes, I did stop there.

    I decided that if I could find one obvious bug just by staring at the home page for a few seconds, I should outsource the real digging to my friend the hater.

    (And you are correct that this web site certainly doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in this company.)

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