Subtle Sign You’re Doing PointRoll Ads Wrong

Here’s a little indicator that you’re doing PointRoll ads wrong.  No, I won’t mention that this Sprint ad seems to roll out before the Hotmail inbox finishes loading:

The Sprint ad in question.
Click for full size

No, that’s now what really cheesed me off.

What really gored my oxen is that clicking the Close link stalled out my browser for a while until it returned the following error:

Sprint out of memory error
Click for full size

In many cases, your team will point out this is an Internet Explorer problem or a Adobe Flash known issue when working with .NET AJAX-heavy sites or blah blah blah blah.

Brothers and sisters, you’ve picked technologies to work with.  Not crutches that conveniently prop up your own hobbled competence.  Whatever you use, you’d better work around its limitations to provide a seamless experience for the user.  You made your bed, now you have to jump on it.

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