You Want Good, Improvisational Agile Training?

This ain’t it:

Laughing. Overcoming embarrassment. Out-and-out goofy behavior. These are not normally the skills managers seek in their developers. But some agile development advocates believe these skills are critical for successful software projects.

A growing number of artistically inclined corporate trainers are promoting the principles of the Agile Manifesto with techniques from acting, improvisation and other art forms. Such exercises attempt to prepare software developers for changing requirements and other unexpected occurrences throughout the agile development process. Developers learn better ways to work together and how to put the team before the individual.

If you want to train them how it really works, you do the same thing I do to train new QA people: You cut the electricity, pull the fire alarm, and wait by the stairwell with an old American Gladiators padded quarterstaff you bought off of eBay.

Anyone who makes it out of the building can survive the ever-changing timelines and predictable, avoidable, but always sudden “emergencies” that, well, emerge. Anyone who knocks me off my feet or separates me from the quarterstaff gets a field promotion to Senior Test Engineer.

Or if you want to simply waste an afternoon, I guess you could hire these Agile training consultants for some entertainment and then go back to work the next day doing it the same way you’ve always done it.

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