Maybe the E-mail Had No Friends

PhilK, who sends me so much material he ought to start his own blog, encounters a problem with an e-mail.

This is from LogiGear, which is supposed to be some sort of newsletter about Strategic Software Testing:

LogiGear doesn't test its own e-mails, apparently.
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If he clicks the Continue Reading link, apparently the rest of the article is less interesting:

This is not the link you're looking for.
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LogiGear’s team has failed a vital step in the e-mail process:  Testing e-mails sent to friendly accounts after the content has been pushed to production but before the e-mail drops go out.  The e-mail drops are blasts of e-mails to subscribers sent in batches to spread the load over a couple of days.

If you’re going to do this the right way, you need to include e-mail addresses in various Web-based clients like Yahoo!, Hotmail, and gmail as well as accounts where you can open the mails in Outlook and Thunderbird to see how they look and that the links go to the right places on the production server with the proper tracking data on the querystring.

I mean, for Pete’s sake, even if the information wasn’t on the production server yet, you would probably see a standard 404 instead of a chiding e-mail from your mailing vendor.

Of course, this could entirely be a screw up on the part of the e-mail vendor, too, but a bit of testing would have uncovered that before PhilK got a chance to pass it on to the meanest software tester on the Web, ainna?

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