A Clockwork QA

This week’s special QA project: to encourage the whole QA team to speak in the nadsat lingo from A Clockwork Orange.  For example, when asked in a status meeting for a report on the testing effort on the latest build delivered eight days late in a two-week testing cycle, you would say:

My droogs and me viddied your bolshy application and vareeted some dobby teecees for it.  We skorry sure tolchocked it real horrorshow.  When Sluggo clopped the edit okh, the bolny enporp crarked and we guffed until our glossies platched.  Total, we ochobed treedwa pecks,  all ceb.  Tomorrow, we will smot the old enter ord okh and razrez it oozhassny.

Here’s a NADSAT glossary for you to study, or you could viddy the book:

Most people won’t know what you’re talking about, but most of the time they don’t listen to or hear QA anyway. But there will be one person who does. And that person will be very disturbed.

* Recommended for American QA mirth only. Not recommended for use in Great Britain, where everyone will just assume you’re just a chav.

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