Ministry of Messages Worded Sillily

The new MSN IM client features the following message when you start an IM conversation:

I thought that this was the point.
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The conversation can be seen at more than one place?  Unlike previous versions, which did not display on a recipient’s computer and MSN IM instead used an Eliza-like algorithm to fake up responses to your queries.

No, I know, it’s to let you know that you are logged into the service on multiple PCs (a good feature to have if you happen to be logged into more than one PC at a given time, like, I don’t know, a software tester in a lab).  But the text itself doesn’t indicate that.  It just says that more than one place sees the words you type.  Like it’s supposed to.

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  1. pberry Says:

    Also, should be “in” rather than “at”.

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