When The Cloud Turns Stormy

StrangeMojo illustrates a hazard of relying on third party content on your site:

It appears the culprit was a hacked “creative” coming in from IDG’s advertising network which reps for StorageMojo. I looked at the source and found no way to determine that.

So how does a “creative” get hacked? Are ad agencies being infiltrated by hackers? Did some idiot download a cute graphic and paste into a layout?

I’ve made fun of sites that import JavaScript errors with their advertisements or (elsewhere) free site counters that come with pop under ads. This time, though, Google was flagging a site as an actual security risk for content it was merely including.

Keep this danger in mind when your site relies on outside content: you are at the mercy of that outside content. Or template. Or Web application.

(Thanks to gimlet for the link.)

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