Dismantling the Programming Mystique

A couple of years ago, some programmer wrote a thoughtful piece called Why a Career in Computer Programming Sucks.  Although I would obviously have characterized it somehow to include the insinuation that computer programmers themselves either suck or are stupid to get into an industry that sucks, I think he’s quite well explaining some of the foolishness and flaws within the discipline.

I would, however, like to dispute this:

In order to escape a job where the future is bleak for older programmers due to the rapid depreciation of computer programming knowledge capital, computer programmers face the need to move up to management or likely wind up as underemployed fifty-year-olds, only suitable for lower paying IT jobs like “QA” because they no longer know how to use the latest and supposedly greatest programming tools.

Brother, some of us in QA are not programmer retreads or wannabes.  We’re in QA because we’re just plumb weasel-mean.

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