Over Confident’s Issue

It’s a simple Flash widget, with simple actions.  When the user mouses over a word or the line beside the word, the panel to the right displays the associated word and its poll values and the word itself displays in bold font.  Simple, right?  Apparently not simple enough to get it right.

Here’s what the Flash widget looks like:

A confident's game
Click for full size

Notice that if you mouseover the line beside Confident or the corresponding percentage, it displays the panel to the right correctly.  However, the word Confident in the table flickers between bold and normal font.

How many test cases would you need to make sure this worked right?  I mean, mouse over each, check the data, check the altered display state.  It takes a couple of minutes to do it, a couple more minutes if you’re wise enough to check it in other versions of Flash and without Flash installed (to check the page layout).

However, the people behind this page did not test it adequately or at all.  And they bollixed something simple.

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