The Story of the $100,000 Typo

Joe Strazzere has it.

Remember, not all typos have monetary value you can trace to it, but each one in your application or Web site is a drip that accumulates in the mind of your users, and eventually one small typo will make that user stop trusting your software even if it works otherwise.

In the meantime, note that the dollar figure mentioned above is Canadian dollars. Someone clue me in to current exchange rates so I know which way to direct my punchline to the required joke.

No Responses to “The Story of the $100,000 Typo”

  1. philk Says:

    Joe not Jim – or was that an intentional free typo ?

  2. The Director Says:

    Thanks, Phil. I’ve corrected it.

    I even double checked the spelling to make sure I got two Zs and only one R in the last name. That’s conscientiousness.

  3. strazzerj Says:

    Thanks for the link, and the proper spelling!

    BTW – today $100,000 Canadian is only about $86,941.40 US.

  4. The Director Says:

    In that case, I’ll go with the US-chauvinistic humor: “But that’s not $100,000 in real money.”


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