Understanding Developers, Part XVII

They’re hallucinating.

 Too many cups of coffee may increase the likelihood of hallucinations, such as hearing voices, researchers here found in a study of university students.

Having the equivalent of eight or more cups of instant coffee a day tripled the chance of having heard a person’s voice when no one was there compared with less than a cup a day.

That probably explains why they thought the code worked when they checked it in at 4am the day of the demo, doesn’t it?

This could also explain some project managers’ beliefs that the project is on schedule.

It does not explain anything about QA, however.  Those voices we hear aren’t hallucinations.  They’re actual demons, man.

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  1. Isarian Says:

    Tell me about it… these days I can hear them whispering regression tests in my ear when I try to sleep… >:-(

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