Ad Compression: You’re Doing It Wrong

I spotted this jpg banner ad in the wild:

That's an interesting effect filter.
Click for full size

Either the interactive agency just phoned it in on creating a jpg equivalent for a Flash ad (although Flash enabled ads successfully rotated into the spot), or:

The ad rotating company helped out.

The interactive agency probably shared the image files with the client, and no client would have accepted that.  Or should have.  But if they sent it to the ad company, and the file was 10k too big, so someone decided to rush it and just compress it a little more….

I have seen this or similar things happen.  When you deal with a third party delivery system, be it e-mail or banner ads, you need to review the final product of those companies’ tinkering to ensure they’re not screwing it up.  Because they certainly can, and their QA processes are probably more lax than the interactive agency QA.

By the way, allow me to say it again: interactive agency QA.  Because on the Google search for the term, QAHY comes in behind expired job postings for the term, and I think anyone looking for interactive agency QA could learn more by reading this blog than the Craigslist expired page.  Hey, and if someone wanted to engage some experienced help, it’s TheDirector at this domain.

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