Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

So an Indian CEO says that American IT grads are lazy and untrainable:

They’re far less inclined than students from developing countries like India, China, Brazil, South Africa, and Ireland to spend their time learning the “boring” details of tech process, methodology, and tools–ITIL, Six Sigma, and the like. … [So] most Americans are just too expensive to train.

Meanwhile, commenters here talk about the inferiority of code from overseas:

On the other hand multiple software developers have told me the horrors of outsourced code development in India- so many bugs and headaches that it’s probably just as cheap to develop the software in house.


I worked for a company that owned an offshore development group for which we resold services. We started using them for internal maintenance tasks, (i.e. not innovation, etc) and the quality of the work product was so poor we ended up taking that activity back. And this organization was CMM Level 5 certified!

I have yet to see a significant improvement in IT from ITIL, CMM, Six Sigma, etc. If you want lots of documentation they’re great, but improving quality and productivity? maybe not so much.

There’s a maxim somewhere in that about maybe all developers suck, but I can’t make anything pithy enough for my satisfaction to conclude this post.

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