Get Your Minds Into The Gutter, QA

This lesson holds true especially if you work in an interactive agency where a snickeringly clever designer might try to put a double entendre or smut humor into something and see if they can sneak it past the client and into the wide world.

It’s entirely possible that the Jack in the Box team at Apollo Interactive did not mean for this to display if you don’t have Flash installed when you view the Jack’s Office thingy on

Uh, what?
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Um, right.  You know that sounds sorta like slang for ….

Yeah, QA, in the meetings and in the defects, you have to go there.  Remember, the Internet is place full of miscreants, miscontents, and people who will, in fact, go there.  So be like your brave Director here and bring the misinterpretations up, like the time I mentioned that the thought balloons behind the person bending over and peering into the refrigerator kinda looked like he was fluent in flatulence.

Remember, you have no shame and try not to blush.

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