Pays In Exclamation Points

Off topic, but here’s an ad on Craigslist for a Technical Writer:

Maybe those are supposed to be 1s, but the caps lock key is on.
Click for full size

That many exclamation points might indicate:

  • The bar for writing excellence at this employer is very low.
  • There is a slight danger the subject matter experts will add exclamation points to manuals.

Personally, that many exclamation points in three sentences makes my teeth hurt, and the only remedy I have is to read the sentence in a Waynesworldian fashion, substituting NOT! for each exclamation point:

We are looking for a Tech Writer to join our team-NOT!

No Responses to “Pays In Exclamation Points”

  1. strazzerj Says:

    I’m shocked!
    And chagrined!

  2. The Director Says:

    And, gosh!
    You’d fit right in!

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