SQA Training Whitepaper

Many people ask me how I can take someone with little or no testing experience, although someone with some knowledge of computers and an eye for detail that they could have gotten while sewing, working in the printing industry, or just braying at every little mistake someone else makes, and turn that person into a Director kind of tester.

I’d like to say it’s just a gift, but to be honest, I had a little help in my youth from a seminal whitepaper in SQA training, available online here as PDF or here as HTML (no registration required).

At the end of the training, a trainee can do as I do (although not as well).  And all of them have my face.

No Responses to “SQA Training Whitepaper”

  1. scarytester Says:

    So if I have this right, I start out with a team of new testers with basic skills, project a holographic image of my face into their cubicles, starve them for a few weeks, let them fight it out for a while, feed them the occasional dead person and by the end of it they’ll all be replicas of me but with twice as many arms? That’ll be great for concurrency testing!

  2. The Director Says:

    You know, I did not think of the holographic projection. On the other hand, I sorta cross-book-metaphored it when I held a quick morning status meeting called the Two Minute Hate. But feel free to work in your own brainwashing brainstorms.

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