Things That Gave Me Nightmares

This is the sort of thing that gave me nightmares when I was in interactive marketing: minor e-mail glitches that occur only in certain browser/site combinations.

Take, for example, the latest Nintendo e-mail.  When received in a Hotmail box and viewed in IE, it looks like this:

This is how it's supposed to look
Click for full size

That’s how it’s supposed to look.  However.

But when viewed in Firefox, it looks like this:

Looks like a couple pins on the dot matrix printer are acting up.
Click for full size

Remember, when you’re testing e-mails, you need to test them in not only popular e-mail programs (a couple flavors of Outlook and Thunderbird, for example), but you also need to test them in various online e-mail clients, like Yahoo!, Hotmail, and Gmail and in a couple of different browsers each.

I cannot wait until this gets even more complicated.  I’ll have a sympathetic heart attack for you poor fellows (both of you) working in interactive QA.

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