You Do Not Follow Shopping Cart Rules, You Must Be Punished

Apparently the online store for a-ha has an unwritten rule for the download of the new album.

You go to the product page and add 1 item to the cart because 1 is the only choice in the drop-down list:

 a-ha is the best Norwegian band ever.  Out of 3, I think.
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So 1 is the only choice.  Does it say that’s a rule?  No.  But you might discover, it is.

Now, the shopping cart displays:

Hey, I can pay to download it 9 times!
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Say you’re a big a-ha fan, like me, the only one in one of the world’s major music markets and can only get a-ha online without a CD.  Maybe you love a-ha so much, you want to download it 9 times.

What does think of that?

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Not only does it tell you you’re violating an unwritten rule, but it empties the shopping cart.  So by trying to update the shopping cart to anything but 1, you update it to 0.

That’s certainly not an elegant solution.  It’s an inconsiderate solution.  This should be handled in a number of different ways, but perhaps the proprietors of realize we in the United States are desparate and will do anything.  Even paying in loonies.

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