Banner Ad Failing and Failing and Failing

The Washington Examiner provides a healthy dose of lessons in hosting Web banner ads.  Let’s enumerate them.

For starters, when it prefers Flash ads, but if you don’t have Flash installed, it spits up a broken image:

There should have been an ad here.
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Never mind that.  Here’s the ad, Dad:

Here's the ad, Dad.  Oh, I already said that?  Imagine it in a Woody Woodpecker voice.
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Now, you all know I love nothing more than clicking into a Web contest and showing how fragile the form is.

So I click it, and that click throws a pop-under ad:

Two marketing clicks for the price of one!

Then, horror of horrors, apparently the Web ad links to the Examiner’s intranet.  You know, the kind that usually isn’t available for the rest of the Web to see:

It would be a bigger problem if I actually got something
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So you know what that means, right?

No contest for me.
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Yeah, I’ve got nothing to write about today.

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