Cicero On Putting Developers In Their Place

From On Duty, Book One:

It may sometimes, however, be necessary to express disapproval.  On such occasions we should perhaps use a sharper tone of voice and sterner expressions, and even put an appearance of anger.  But we should resort to this kind of reproof seldom, and with reluctance, as we do to cautery and amputation, and never unless it is necessary, and no other remedy can be found.  And there must be no real anger, for anger that prevents all fair, considered action.  In most cases a mild reproof is enough, but gravely administered, so as to show its seriousness and avoid insult to the feelings.  We must make it plan too that whatever harshness there was in our reproof was intended only for the good of the person reproved.

As a grain of salt, remember Cicero was executed for reproving Mark Antony, so you can draw an important lesson from this: reproval of someone with legions and swords trumps reproval of some dude feigning anger in a meeting.

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