Make Errors Like A Major Leaguer

A new promotion from Major League Baseball and Sharp AQUOS is not without its problems.

Like misspelling favorite:

Favoriate, as a verb, sounds rude.
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Now, say you’re filling out the fields and tabbing along, and you hit this:

Lack of focus is a problem in software.
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What on earth?  Well, if you dispel the error message, you will see the problem:

My password is lacking in character
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Sorry, my fault.  I needed to set the password to at least one number and one character.  It was all better when I set it to 0iago.

Finally, that birthday calendar widget doesn’t fit if it’s five rows long when viewed in Firefox:

Fortunately, this only happens a couple times a year.
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To quote a great philosopher, can’t anbody here play this game?

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  1. Albert Gareev Says:

    Check out the last line in this post 😉

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