More Than One Error Has Occurred

I need to find the publishing house behind the standard developer dictionary and burn it down.

More than one error has occurred here.
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The development team behind this Craftsman NASCAR sweepstakes misspell occurred.  I don’t know why developers commonly misspell this word.  Are they copying and pasting it from the same Platonic nearly-ideal error message?  Is it misspelled in a default message in every IDE known to man?  Is it some hopeful invocation that the occult will cure the problem?  Who can read the minds of developers?  Whenever I try, I get gibberish interspersed with attention to shiny things.

When you’re testing out your application’s validation, watch for the single-R occured.  You will see them everywhere.

No Responses to “More Than One Error Has Occurred”

  1. Albert Gareev Says:

    The source code would be a typical example of copy/paste programming for sure. Triple “Date of Birth is required” while there are distinct fields for day, month and year is another proof.

  2. pberry Says:

    Error checking messages should of course be displayed inline as well, not in a popup, overlay, or whatever. The moment you close that layer you’ll forget all the errors…

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