Remember The Subdomains, Or Make Them Holey

Evenflo produces a number of gerbil machines for children, including the new ExerSaucer® WalkAround™ device which looks like a training system for medieval whipped-man driven millstones.

The main Web page looks like this:

Going with the Evenflo
Click for full size

Go to the Safety/Recall page, though, and you’re in for it:

Evenfluh oh
Click for full size

Aside from the fact that the application tips some document information the first time you visit it, it springs a JavaScript error for you. The resource isn’t playing well across subdomains, it seems, and my pngs are unfixed since I’m using Internet Explorer.

As a reminder, you need to pay close attention when your Web site uses different subdomains.  Make sure your developers haven’t used relative paths to resources that aren’t there and that they haven’t locked parts of your site out from resources they actually need.

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