Direct Object Lesson

A system administrator explains the importance of good grammar.

He’s not a designer or a developer, so he won’t be able to apply that good insight into tangible product benefits for us, but you can use his illustrations to explain why grammar is important not only in communication, but also in specifications and requirements.  Ha, who am I kidding?  Poorly composed e-mails lacking in capitalization and punctuation are the specifications and requirements.  If they were written correctly, maybe we wouldn’t have to come in to work on Saturday to test the build that fixes the misconceptions.

2 Responses to “Direct Object Lesson”

  1. gimlet Says:

    I agree with the thrust of his post, but why is it that everyone who writes in favor of correct grammar and proper spelling commits an error in the very first sentence?

    “In an age when even Ameren UE is using TXT speak in >>>it’s

  2. The Director Says:

    I didn’t have the heart to tell him. I hope you left a comment there.

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