It Sounded Good In The Meeting

Joe Strazzere spots this rich banner ad on CBS Sports, where he spends all of his mornings arranging his fantasy football teams which bear as close of a resemblance to the New England Patriots starting lineup as possible:

There should have been a tweet there.

Oh, yes, I can see the account executives and the creative director telling them that they had to hook the banner ad up to the Twitter API so the banner ads could run the latest tweets.  Because using Twitter is cool!

Interactive agencies often do things, and sell the clients things, that the interactive agency personnel think are cool.  See also those annoying 3-d Flash immersion landscapes.  These things often really don’t add anything for the user, and as this ad shows, sometimes outstrip the actual technical ability of the interactive agencies.

But we have to put a Twitter feed into a banner ad because we can.  Then we will tell our other clients we’re experts at it.  Then we’ll sell ourselves as experts at it, and we’ll do it over and over even though putting a RT @bonnie YEAH! in your banner ad does nothing but use a social media technology just to use it.  And it will go on until they find a nice, new shiny object.


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