Poor Form, Peter. Literally.

I received an e-mail with this form embedded in it yesterday:

A form in an e-mail?  The only way it could be better is AJAX-enabled forms in e-mail
Click for full size

Immediately, I beset it with submission without anything in it, and the submit button did not work.  I put in simply d and clicked, and the submit button did not work.  Curious, I looked at the source, and I determined there is not form tag, no action associated with it, nothing but a filled with controls.

And a Click here if you’re having trouble link that verifies your e-mail address and opts you into the newsletter.

That’s damn dirty pool, fellows.  On most Web sites, the quick poll feature lets you have a quick say without obligating you to bu.  This trick poll feature makes you think something is wrong with you when there’s really something wrong with your design.

How charming.

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