She Forgot “In Four Hours”

Trisherino explains the Carl Sagan Cosmos of tests she could find in a single edit box in a post entitled Just Test Everything.

It’s a nice little piece, but it lacks a little framework to give it a real cinéma vérité effect.  Now, imagine her developer saying “Just test everything” when delivering a testable product only a matter of hours (or a day) before the drop-dead go live date and then disappearing to his or her developer lair with all communications cut off to get some sleep after a 48-hour caffeine-fueled and typo-eruptive coding blitz.

Then you get the real sense of QA.

2 Responses to “She Forgot “In Four Hours””

  1. amcharrett Says:

    Try this, developer goes away for 2 weeks holiday leaving me to complete some testing that has to be done in two days.
    I still haven’t managed to get the software installed yet…

  2. The Director Says:

    On the plus side, if the customer doesn’t get the software installed, they won’t find any problems with it, either.

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