The Extraneous ‘U’s Did Him In

Phil K. has some trouble mounting his own British invasion:

I had a problem with a different sort of visa – the one you have to fill in to enter the good old US of A.
The form has been updated and has caught up with the 21st century and there is now an entry for your email address

Except there is only room for 19 characters
I have 3 different email addresses – all of them more than that

Well, if you stripped your e-mail addresses and domains of all the extraneous Us you Brits favor, maybe you wouldn’t have this problem.  Or maybe it’s that the United States government doesn’t want your kind–quality professionals–coming here.

After all, this is not the golden age of United States government Web sites:

  • The CARS Web site for Cash for Clunkers keeps crashing under the load of dealers trying to fill out the forms.
  • The contract for the redesign of is worth $18 million dollarsFor a Web site redesign.

In the United States, we have a saying: Good enough for government work.  That’s not setting the bar high.

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