Everyone Do A Global Search And Replace RIGHT NOW

So I was at this Web blog reading a post about how Microsoft might want little ol’ me to be on its team, and I got a link to this “job posting.”

Except it wasn’t:

 One out of two is still batting .500
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What do you know?  Another error has occured.   Is this ubiquitous misspelling a part of a Microsoft library somewhere?  If so, could my loyal Microsoft readers please change it to the non-passive voice We were eating our own dog food, as you can see since we have just splugged it all over your carpet?

Put down in your best practices document, gentle reader, that a part of the build process should include an automatic global search and replace for occured and spell it correctly as occurred.

I guess that job posting is fixed now, but I’m probably not Microsoft material.

One Response to “Everyone Do A Global Search And Replace RIGHT NOW”

  1. scarytester Says:

    Still, you have to appreciate the poetic beauty of a bug within a bug.

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