Link Dump from My Open Tabs II

Another machine yields this set of open tabs:

  •  The Good Enough Revolution. When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine.  This is why the rest of your organization sees QA as superfluous at best: because the dominant culture has become tolerant of failure.
  • Testing Vs. Checking.  This is an important consideration.  You could probably use some of both on your team, with the checkers being the people your organization wants you to hire for the same salary as grocery store checkers.
  • Programmers Top 10 Sentences.  This is just to the general public; if it were a list specifically to QA, it would include classics as “Did you clear your cache?”, “That will be fixed in the next build,” and “Could not reproduce.”
  • 5 Top Non-Technical Mistakes Made By Programmers.  Of course, crossing QA would be right up there, but arguably, that is technical.

Oddly enough, I’ve added Making Good Software to the QA Merely Dislikes list to the right.

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