Curly Could Have Told You That Much About Time Management

From an essay on What Every Super Achiever Knows About Time Management That You Don’t:

Super achievers don’t manage their time, they create, manage and maximize their opportunities. At any given time they know the one critical, must complete, task and they work on that task. It is the most important and therefore deserves their full attention.

Curly said there was only one thing in life, but you had to figure it out.  If you’re working in quality assurance, you’ve already figured out what that one thing is: to keep your hanger-on-to-technology job by being pleasant in innumerable pointless meetings, not rocking the boat, and spending a lot of time generating metrics systems to justify your continued employment.

Well, maybe that’s just a lot of the quality assurance people with whom I’ve worked briefly.

No, the one thing you need to focus your time on is delivering a quality product.  Knowing the product, knowing the business problem it’s designed to solve, and making sure the damn thing works is that one thing.  Sitting in kickoff meetings, no matter what kind of doughnuts they have, isn’t it.  Neither is pulling together another test strategy document from the template that no one will read or understand.  It’s not about creating a perfect process that Plato would be proud of.  It’s delivering a quality product.

Focus your time and energy on that, not the trappings of the Quality Assurance industry.

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