Excuse Me While I Squat On This Domain

Defunct St. Louis, Missouri, newspaper St. Louis Globe Democrat plans to resuscitate itself after 23 years as a Web-only endeavor.  Currently, the Web site only has a sign up page and promises news in December.

Meanwhile, the masthead of this two-page microsite links to a misspelled representation of the URL:

The masthead leads to a different domain.
Click for full size

I cannot wait to see the attention to detail and the quality control that they put into it when it launches.  It might even rival the real paper in town, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch‘s Web site.

Although I have to give credit where credit’s due: That is one elaborate alt attribute on the e-mail icon:

That's SEO, baby!
Click for full size

That is one icon that is search engine optimized!

UPDATE: Well, curses.  I totally did squat on the mistyped domain, but someone over there was paying enough attention to fix the problems before any of you saw my Internet prank.  Which is why I should probably stick to QA and leave the pranks to the b3ta guys.

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