Exceptional Service from La-Z-Boy

So say you turn off your pop-up blocker on the La-Z-Boy room designer and get to use its application.  Then, you lay out your perfectly complex room full of expensive furniture and want to save it.  First you need to register.  But when you click Save:

It's good clean fun when it's a SOAP exception.
Click for full size

All right, I get the point. You want me to go into the showroom.

So I did.  And then I bought from my homies at Ashley Furniture, based in Arcadia, Wisconsin, who has a manufacturing plant larger than Arcadia, Wisconsin, itself.  And whom I forgive for having content overrun their design on their About Us page’s Today div:

 Think of it as exuberance.
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I would ask again, “Can’t anybody here play this game?”, but I think I’ve proven the answer is, “Not really.”

Daddy’s Coming Home Alert:  Welcome to my new La-Z-Boy readers!

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