La-Z-Design, Boy

Funny how if you visit the La-Z-Boy Web site’s design center and try to launch its room planner, the page just seems to reload.

Well, it does if you’re using your browser with its default Block Pop-ups setting.  If you’re using Internet Explorer with the sound turned up, the little boo-plick sound and icon gives it away:

That's lazy, all right.
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Look, I get that sometimes you want to spawn an additional window to provide nifty little applets and whatnot.  However, you need to recognize that most people are going to use their browser’s default settings or turn the security and annoyance avoidance level up.

You’d better work around that or at the very least let the user know that he needs to allow pop-ups.  Because making it look like nothing is happening but the page reloading will frustrate your user, and let’s face it, the Room Planner works.

Although the menus look like crap in Firefox, with the menus overlaying the menubar and displaying random pixels:

 I wonder what that says in English, using the Latin alphabet.
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Jeez, I go over there to make sure I can make a point about its room planner working, and I find a defect there, too.  Can’t anybody here play this game?

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